Welcome to the East Anglian Cross Country League (The Wednesday League)

EACCL 2022/23 Winter League

Race 1

Venue: West Runton Beach

Hosted by: Jude Durrant & Sportlink

Date: Wednesday 12th October 2022

Start time: 2:30pm 

Race registration cut off date: Sat 8th Oct 2022

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Blickling Hall - Race 5 - 26/1/22 - courtesy of Dreampace Photography

Winter Race 1 briefing (posted 14/9/22)

See you Wednesday 12th October at West Runton Beach 2:30pm start https://eaccl.webs.com/winter-events-locations

Please do a lateral flow test before attending if you have not felt 100% and do not attend if you feel unwell, please respect your fellow runners.

Please follow the marshals instructions. Please ensure your team has paid prior to competing and also if running as an individual. This includes an appropriate entry form and registration of your park run bar code. You only ever need to register your park run barcode once to run there is a list to check if you are unsure.
To minimise us being congregated in one place for to long Wednesday for the race briefing please read the following;
  • 1:30 to 2pm: Collection of entries and payments for the winter season. Click here for the appropriate forms
  • 2pm and 2:15pm: Please also identify yourself to myself or Bobbie if you will take longer than 70 mins (at every race) to complete your race so that we know who to look out for at the end of the race. Please also identify yourself if you are male over 70’s doing the short route.
  • 2pm and 2:15pm: If you have any reason that you may not hear or understand the race briefing for any other reason please make yourself known to Bobbie or myself so that we can go through the details with you before the race 2:15pm race briefing
  • 2:15pm: Race briefing in the slope near beach
  • 2:20pm: Team photos…….please do these we love seeing them
  • 2:30pm: Race start
  • Welcome to everyone to race 2
  • We actively encourage to wear a mask in busier areas especially indoors, at the briefing and at the start. You can tuck them in your draws to run.....or else where. 
  • Thank you to the Wednesday Wanderers & Sportlink for hosting this race
  • Please ensure you are registered to run (registration cut off date Saturday 8th October) and also have your parkrun barcode with you to process your finishing position. If you are an individual ensure you have paid and given in your entry form before running too.(Men over 70 who do the shorter loop please tell the results ladies so that we can record this)
  • Please listen to Jude's race briefing and course details. Keep safe and have fun. Its not a world record event, so have fun and keep fit with your friends on a Wednesday afternoon in the wonderful countryside. If you catch a fellow runner especially at speed please make yourself known and be patient in narrow areas of the route. Remember what ever your speed we are all racing and entitled to keep going, we don’t want people injured as we are too impatient when passing. You can make the time up when you get past. Having said that if you know faster runners are catching you please keep single file and to the left if possible so they can over take on the right where safely possible.
  • When you are handed your finishing tag proceed to the lovely Julie & co near the end of the course to log your results. They need your finishing tag first then your barcode. Please ensure you leave your finishing tag with them. Also ensure they read your finishing place & name back to you so we ensure we have no blips. Please don't hang around as once the last runner has been processed we would like to clear up and go home. If you are not on the starting list or have forgotten your park run barcode DO NOT let the ladies scan your tag & barcode, please ask them to put your details on the error list, if not this will mess the results up. If you are not registered by the cut off date you will not be eligible to race so please check the list before you attend. You can check registered entries on the entry-forms page

  • Please be mindful of other venue and race route users and keep as socially distanced as possible. We appreciate how exciting it is to see everyone but we still need to keep as safe as possible
  • Please take any rubbish home, please remove muddy shoes & clothing before using any indoor facilities including the toilets and leave everywhere clean and tidy.
  • Next event race 2 of the Winter league is at Mousehold Heath, Norwich in November 2nd start time 2:30pm. More details to follow.
  • Finally thank you to Julie, Mum, Jon, Bobbie & Chris for their continued support to help make these events possible.
  • Here endeth the sermon........I think. See you Wednesday for more fun.

Next Summer 23 Event:

EACCL Summer 2022 League 

Venue: West Runton Beach

Hosted by: Jude, Bobbie & the Wednesday Wanderers

Date: TBC 

Start time: 2:30pm

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Click here to check and see if you are registered to run (under step 3)

Issues or queries with league:

If you have any issues with any of the races could you take it up with myself, Bobbie or the Race Organiser and not the marshals. They are all helping voluntarily and the league is operated on a shoestring so from time to time we may have an issue. We are a friendly league and would like it to remain that way.


AGM - June 15th 2022 - West Runton Beach (19/6/22)

Attendees: Jude, Bobbie, Chris Chorley, Myles Hague, Pat Brightman, Fran Parsons, Pete Thompson, Tony Beales, Adele Bushell

Apologies: Mark Philo, Andy Baker, Eloise Bird, Mike Munson, Nick Bowden, Richard Collyer


Committee: Voted to remain the same with Jude & Bobbie

Teams and Captains for 22/23 season to date:

1 Sportlink - Jude Durrant

2 Marham - Fran Parsons

3 NRR - Deb English & Stacey Harper

4 GYRR - Andy Baker

5 Bury Pacers - Eloise Bird

6 Norfolk Gazelles - Pete Thompson

7 Tri-Anglia - Mark Philo

8 Stowmarket Striders - Mike Munson

9 Norfolk Harriers - Captain TBC

10 Reepham Runners - Nick Bowden

11 WAC - Tony Beales

12 Coltishall Jags - Adele Bushell

13 Aylsham Runners - Myles Hague

14 - GYDAC - John England

Teams & Captains to be confirmed:

15 Honington - David Smith

16 Dunerunner - Martin Rendle

17 UEA - Dan Seagrove

18 NNBR - Karen Balcombe

Possible new teams to date:

19 Ryston Runners - Robert Simmonds

2022/23 Winter Season dates:

1 - 12th Oct - West Runton Beach - Sportlink - Confirmed

2 - 2nd Nov - Mousehold - Tri-Anglia - Confirmed

3 - 16th Nov - Caister Beach - Dunerunner - TBC

4 - 7th Dec - Whitwell Station - Reepham Runners - Confirmed

5 - 18th Jan - Blickling Park - Coltishall Jaguars - TBC


7 - 15th Feb - Stowmarket Rugby Club - Stowmarket Striders - Confirmed

8 - 1st Mar - Thetford Rugby Club - Norfolk Harriers - Confirmed

9 - 15th Mar - Cawston Park - Aylsham Runners - Confirmed

10 - 29th Mar - Catton Park - NRR - Confirmed

Entry & Fees:

1 - League account has now been successfully moved to Natwest after HSBC put a mandatory month fee on the account. So if using BACS as a payment please use the new details.

2 - Voted to leave the individual payment at £5 per season

3 - Voted to increase the team fees from £50 to £60 per season

Any other business:

Race format - It was voted to leave the race format as it is currently with a short lap for the ladies and a long lap for the men.

Summer Race 2 - Will be at Cart Gap on Wednesday 14th September, £1 per runner. We will try to collect ass many payments on this date for the new winter season too.

Race 5 - Blickling race date change, please read;
We have moved the Blickling race from the 19th to the 26th January. We apologise for any inconvenience but with the current ongoing situation we endeavour to do what we can to continue the events with the goodwill we rely on. Hope to see you there

Many thanks
(Updated 11/1/2022)

AGM 2021 (23/8/21)

Date: Wednesday 15th September 2021

Venue: Cart Gap Beach, Cart Gap Rd, Happisburgh, Norwich NR12 0QL

Time: 11:30am (after final summer league virtual race 8)

Agenda Items: 

  1. Teams
  2. New Teams
  3. 21/22 Fixtures
  4. Finances & league costs
  5. AOB 

Race format

Race 9 proposals

Any proposals or additional agenda items need to be submitted writing to [email protected] by Sunday 12th September to be included

Provisional dates for 2021/22 Winter league (29/7/21)

Race 1     20 Oct       Runton beach    Jude & ladiez/Sportlink

Race 2     3 Nov        New Venue         Tri-Anglia, Mark Philo

Race 3     17 Nov      Caister beach     Dunerunners, Martin Rendle

Race 4     8 Dec        Whitwell              Reepham Runners, Nick Bowden

Race 5     19 Jan      Blickling               Colt Jags, Adele Bushell

Race 6     2 Feb        Marham Base      Marham, Frances

Race 7     16 Feb      Rugby Club          Stowmarket, Mike Munson

Race 8     2 Mar        Thetford               Norfolk Harriers, Dale Cooper

Race 9     16 Mar      NO VENUE         NEW HOST & VENUE REQUIRED PLEASE

Race 10   30 Mar      Catton Park         NRR, Jodie Causer

EACCL Spring/summer virtual league 2021 (6/3/21)

From the votes on the Facebook poll, we are proposing that we will end the season after 10 races on March 31st. Then we will continue with an event every three weeks as a spring/summer league to keep us out of mischief. As the covid rules relax we may add the option of specified locations to aim for and working with the new rules to expand contact. If you would like a perfect 10 memento for the 20/21 seasons we may have to ask for a donation. We'll sort this after race 10.

April 21st
May 12th
June 2nd
June 23rd
July 14th
August 4th
August 25th
September 15th. Then have a break before the winter league.

EACCL 2019/20 season update (26/2/21)

Due to Bojo's recent announcement we have decided that sadly we will be unable to conclude the 2019/20 season. We clung on to this as an aspiration with the current pandemic. So for the 19/20 season the team results will be based on all 9 races, the individual results will be based on your best 7 races, the perfect 10 will become the perfect 9 and the Davey Blythe Memorial Trophy will be awarded to Jon Beverley.  Jon has received this for all the hard work he has done for the results with his new system. This has made mine and Bobbies life so much easier and when we could race enabled you to record your finishing places so much quicker.

I will sort out the trophies next week and will endeavor to get them to the team captains for distribution and self distancing selfies as soon as possible. With current travel restrictions and rules as you can appreciate this may take some time so please stick with us as we do not have the funds to post these all out. 

Thank you all again for your continued support of the league and your participation. The league survives on a shoe string to encourage as many to take part as possible with in the constraints and goodwill we have, to enable us to have as much fun in the mud on a winter's Wednesday afternoon. We are very much hoping to resume business as usual as soon as safely possible. In the mean time keep safe, get your vaccine and keep fit and healthy. The fun is hopefully just around the corner.

The final results can be found in the top left of the winter season results page

EACCL 2020/21 virtual season update (14/10/2020)

Apologies for my lateness in an update for our interim plan for EACCL 20/21 season. Thanks to the fabulous Jon Beverley of Total Race Timing
the virtual league is now open to everyone. So you do your run on the dates below and submit it on Jon's Total Timing website by midnight of that date.

Race 1 - 14th Oct - (West Runton Beach)
Race 2 - 4th Nov - (Whitlingham Park)
Race 3 - 18th Nov - (Caister Beach)
Race 4 - 9th Dec - (Whitwell Station)
Race 5 - 20th Jan - (Blickling Park)
Race 6 - 3rd Feb - (Thetford Forest)
Race 7 - 17th Feb - (Stowmarket Rugby Club)
Race 8 - 3rd Mar - (Marham)
Race 9 - 17th Mar - (Nowton Park)
Race 10 - 31st Mar - (Catton Park)

So the idea is you go out on these dates and run a cross country anywhere but you can also use any of the above locations and I'll list some old locations below too. Please get as muddy as possible. Men 10k and ladies 5k, do a run anytime on the above dates and take a photo where you are and post it on here along with your time. We'll then record it and do it virtually until we can safely put some form of event on. It is a trust system and we feel this is better than no runs to look forward too. You never know who you might see if we do the same venues too Enjoy. They are free to enter until we can safely resume events normally.

Other locations to consider; UEA, Chantry Park, Mousehold, Bacton Woods, Cart Gap beach, Great Yarmouth North Beach, Brandon Country Park, Orwell Park, Marsham Heath, Horsford Woods, Bradwell Woods & Knettishall Heath.

If you are doing it with a few friends please observe current COVID guidelines and keep safe.

Link to Total Race Timing to enter races and record your times - https://totalracetiming.co.uk/race please also add a photo to the Facebook page to add to the fun. Each race needs to be entered individually on Total Race Timing, the entry will be available a few days before each race, the link will be posted on Facebook when available and emailed to those on the non FB user distribution list.

EACCL 2020/21 Season update (25/9/20)

So here we go an interim plan. These would have been the proposed dates and locations for EACCL 20/21.

Race 1 - 14th Oct - West Runton Beach
Race 2 - 4th Nov - Whitlingham Park
Race 3 - 18th Nov - Caister Beach
Race 4 - 9th Dec - Whitwell Station
Race 5 - 20th Jan - Blickling Park
Race 6 - 3rd Feb - Thetford Forest
Race 7 - 17th Feb - Stowmarket Rugby
Race 8 - 3rd Mar - Marham
Race 9 - 17th Mar - Nowton Park
Race 10 - 31st Mar - Catton Park

Initially this will only be open to those who registered & participated in the 19/20 season as we have all the data we need. It's a lot of manual work, so we need to trial the idea and ensure its workable first. We hope you'll appreciate this decision as you know Bobbie & I will endeavour to make this work and be as inclusive as practically possible. If we've missed anything shout. This decision will be continually reviewed with guideline updates.

So the idea is you go out on the dates above and run a cross country anywhere you feel safe in doing, you can also use any of the above locations and I'll list some old locations below too that you may consider that are open to all. Please get as muddy as possible. Men 10k and ladies 5k, do a run anytime on the above dates and take a photo of where you are and post it on the EACCL Facebook page or email it to me. Please can you give your times to your team captain (listed below) who will collate them and email me them. We'll then record it and do it virtually until we can safely put some form of event on. It is a fun, trust system and we feel this is better than no runs to look forward too. You never know who you might see if we do the same dates too Enjoy.

Other locations to consider; UEA, Chantry Park, Mousehold, Bacton Woods, Cart Gap beach, Great Yarmouth North Beach, Brandon Country Park, Orwell Park, Marsham Heath, Horsford Woods, Bradwell Woods & Knettishall Heath. We are looking forward to other locations you may try.

If you are doing it with a few friends please observe current COVID guidelines and keep safe.

If you are wondering about the last season prizes, we still have them ready to present at the soonest opportunity we are able to do some form of event where we can meet.

Team Captains:
  1. AVIVA - Kevin Raisborough
  2. Bury Pacers - Eloise Bird
  3. Coltishall Jaguars - Adele Bushell
  4. Dunerunner - Martin Rendle
  5. East Coast Runners - Robert Chenery
  6. Great Yarmouth & District AC - John England
  7. Great Yarmouth RR - Andy Baker
  8. Honington - Rob Clarke
  9. Individual runners – Jude Durrant
  10. Marham - Luke Gibson
  11. Norfolk Gazelles - Pete Thompson
  12. Norfolk Harriers - Dale Cooper
  13. North Norfolk Beach Runners - Karen Balcombe
  14. Norwich Road Runners - Jodie Causer
  15. Reepham Runners - Nick Bowden
  16. Sportlink - Jude Durrant
  17. Stowmarket - Mike Munson
  18. Tri-Anglia - Mark Philo
  19. UEA - Rachel Broome 
  20. Wymondham AC - Anthony Beales

Any queries please email me (see contacts page)

Coronavirus update regarding race 10 (16/3/20) 

It is with deep regret that due to today's government announcement with regards to the coronavirus we will suspend race 10 and the presentation event until further notice. Hope you all stay safe and well and the we will all be together soon having a great time. Jude & Bobbie

Coronavirus update (14/3/20)

Coronavirus update: Race 10 is currently planned to take place on 25th March. Please check facebook or website in the days before the race in case of changes imposed by the Park authorities and/or our Governing Body. If we hold the event please consider the Health and Safety of others; if you have had a recent fever or respiratory illness, or have been in close contact with someone who has, please do not attend.

Top tip (5/2/20)

Take a photo of your park run bar code on your phone as a back up as we can scan this for the results

Race 8 (Marham) change of venue (5/2/2020)

This will now be back at Marham and not Shouldham Warren. See event details

Water at races (7/1/2020)

Just a reminder that we won't be providing plastic cups at the races now. Please bring your own drinking vessels for post race.They can be left at the start finishing area

Race 4 Whitwell 11th Dec update (10/11/19)

Remember tomorrow is a 2pm start. Nowhere Lane and the bridge are now both open. Don't forget dry shoes you will get wet feet and bring some change for a car park donation and for refreshments. 

Change of date for Marham race (25/11/19)

Please note that the Marham race has been rescheduled from January 15th 2020 to the 26th February 2020 and the venue will be Shouldham Warren. This is due to the increase in participants. Please see  See Winter events and location page for more details

Please register before you run (2/10/19)

Could you use the following link to register before you run? All runners whether individual or team need to register click here this is for our new results process to be more efficient.

Results process for 2019/20 season (21/9/19)

Thanks to Jon at Total Race Timing we are hoping to have a new results system for the new season. This will require you bringing along your Park Run bar code, so that we can use your unique bar code. We can then apply our data to this which should make it easier in the long run to process the results. Initially we do require your patience, as we will for the first few races need to record the data as we usually do in case we have any little blips to deal with. 

So when you finish you will be given a finishing position bar code instead of the old tag. This along with your PR bar code will then be scanned. You will then need to record this data like we did in previous seasons initially. Once we get everything up and running hopefully we can just scan. We will be able to get your through the results quicker and in turn Bobbie won't have to type every entry in for every race manually so she can have a glass of wine now and then and we can publish the results quicker. Happy days.

Race 6 confirmed - Blickling Park (13/9/19)

We are pleased to announce another new venue for the 2019/20 season we are off to the beautiful Blickling Park for race 6 in January. The route is lovely and there is a huge car park, toilets and lovely Cafe on site. All of the car park fees and cafe takings help support this beautiful place. Coltishall Jaguars with host the race so thank you to them too.

Thank you to league sponsors (11/9/19)

Hi we would like to thank Total Race Timing for sponsoring the League this year. This will help us with the results that as you know are very primitive. This could possibly mean we need to have registered with park run so we can use the unique bar code for recording purposes. We will not use their data. Also thanks to West Runton Beach Cafe for sponsoring Race 1 of the new season, providing trophies for the 1st lady and man to finish.

2019/20 Winter League AGM - 28th August 12:30pm, Marham (17/8/19)

The winter league AGM will take place at 12:30pm on Wed 28th August at the Sandringham Centre before the final summer race. If you are attending and would like to raise anything could you please email Jude on [email protected] before Sunday 25th August so that it can be included?

Summer League race 3 & presentation postponed to 28th August (23/7/19)

Due to the extreme heat anticipated tomorrow and for safety reasons we have decided to postpone tomorrows race until the 28th August at 2pm. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to see you in August.

League rules (6/2/19)

Please ensure that you follow the league rules which include no ear phones, dogs and pushchairs. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your points from the event and continual non compliance could result in removal from the league.

Equality in distance for league (20/3/18)

As voted at the last race of the season in Catton Park, March 2018 the current race format will remain the same for the 2018/19 season at least. Men 2 laps, ladies 1. This vote was unanimous. If you have any proposals how to progress this to main and encourage growth of the current league, maintaining the current levels of commitment and cost to the league please submit them to the committee for consideration.