Welcome to the East Anglian Cross Country League

Next Event:

Race 1: Summer League 2019

Venue: Brandon Country Park 

Hosted by: Bobbie & Chris

Date: 29th May Confirmed

Start time: 2:30pm

See Summer events and location page for more details

EACCL Race 1

Venue: West Runton Beach

Hosted by: Wednesday Wanderers

Date: TBC

Start time: 2:30pm 

See Winter events and location page for more details

NEWS UPDATE (6/2/19) 

Please ensure that you follow the league rules which include no ear phones, dogs and pushchairs. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your points from the event and continual non compliance could result in removal from the league.

Equality in distance for league (20/3/18)

As voted at the last race of the season in Catton Park, March 2018 the current race format will remain the same for the 2018/19 season at least. Men 2 laps, ladies 1. This vote was unanimous. If you have any proposals how to progress this to main and encourage growth of the current league, maintaining the current levels of commitment and cost to the league please submit them to the committee for consideration. 

Issues or queries with league:

If you have any issues with any of the races could you take it up with myself, Bobbie or the Race Organiser and not the marshals. They are all helping voluntarily and the league is operated on a shoestring so from time to time we may have an issue. We are a friendly league and would like it to remain that way.

About the league:

East Anglian Cross Country League (EACCL). A Cross Country league run through the winter months at various location through Norfolk and Suffolk. Originating as a forces league with events at various Army and RAF bases. This has now expanded to include local domestic running clubs and groups.

The series is open as team or as individual.

The series consists of around ten races per season. This can vary per season depending on availability of clubs, venues and weather. Two races per season can be dropped individually to be eligible to participate in the awards for the season or as a team they have to have participation in all races.

Costs per season are £50 per team or £5 per individual. All payments are required prior to participation in any event

Mens races are generally 10k and the ladies are approx 5k, this does vary according to location and access. We endeavour to do our best to adhere to this but some sites are working areas and we have to work within base authorisations. All races start at 2:30pm unless stated.

This league is ran by volunteers on a shoe string budget to try and encourage as many participants as possible to have some fun during the winter months. Its recording and results system is very primitive and does not suit all. We endeavour to develop this league to accommodate the majority of its participants but with constraints of light in the winter months and time of the organisers we appreciate that we cannot meet everyone's needs. We hope you appreciate these constraints and our endeavours to develop this within these parameters where we can. In these instances we require your help and ideas to take developments forward to meet the needs of the competitors with in the league.