Summer League Results

2018 Summer Season

September 5th - Marham - Race 3

Another great day for our final race of the season. We all did the same route with the fast downhill into the village past the pizza shop. Singing a hard left off road and along the river (that you can't see :-) ). The lane drifts outwards then you turn right again along an open track. Then its another right tracing your way back to the pizza shop on another great trail parallel to the other one. Its a left at the end before popping back onto the road section. Last stretch is back up the lung busting hill. Fabulous. Thanks Ben and Marham also congratulations for the overall series win. Looking forward to next year.

June 20th 2018 - Brandon Country Park - Race 2

Well what a change from last year. A beautiful day at Brandon Country Park. Thanks you to Bobbie and Chris for a great route and race and a special mention to Bobbie's unique pre race briefing which we all look forward too. The course is a fabulous mixture of woodland, heath land, sandy climbs and great trails with the choice of 1 or 2 laps. Bobbie running as back marker making sure we all went the right way. The camaraderie between the runner in such as small field is fabulous with everyone hanging around in the sunshine until everyone was finished and chatting. Lovely. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the summer and see you in September for the final round in Marham. 

May 30th 2018 - Cart Gap - Race 1

What a beautiful day again for the first summer race. The tide was at its lowest but in just enough to get your feet wet a few times. We all actually managed to follow my dodgy course directions this time and all get to the same turning point before heading back. Its seemed a slog in the spongy sand at the far end and very warm with the wind behind you. A lovely afternoon though and Rodney's first cross country as a vet 80. Fabulous achievement and glad we were there to enjoy it with you.

2017 Summer Season

September 6th 2017 - Marham -Race 4 and presentation

So back to Marham we went and with better weather. A new route that was 5k for everyone so that the results could be calculated and presentation made.

We started on the road for a short section and then went down a bumpy path between two fields to the road at the bottom. Following a short road section and a quick wiff of pizza it was a sharp left turn into a track. Past the houses we then turned right into the fen along near the river (which you can't see) this section felt like a triangle. We went to the end on single track grassy trails to do a hard left at the end and grabbed a breather on a well used track before diving back parallel to the leg outwards and went back to the fen start. Then we retraced our route out. The first field being fast on the way out being a tough uphill section on the way back (as the pictures showed).

A fabulous new route and would make an excellent winter route with the fen loop being completed twice by the men. Thank you to Ben, Adam and the other guys.

Once everyone had finished we headed back for the buffet and presentation that strangely enough was won again by Marham. Well done. A great fun summer league which has grown this year. Again thank you to Ben for organising the summer league and for the ever fabulous Bobbie for doing the results and permits. Looking forward to seeing everyone for the fast approaching winter league.


1st - Marham A           2nd - Norfolk Gazelles          3rd Marham B          4th Sportlink         5th Wymondham AC

August 30th 2017 - Brandon Country Park - Race 3

What an absolute contrast to last years race. Last year was baking hot this year was 13 degrees and rained continuously....fabulous. A huge thanks to Bobbie and Chris we always love Bobbie's race brief and hope you've all checked your crevices ;-) 

A beautiful course and personally I think better that way round. I didn't notice the up hills on the first lap but sure did the second. Not sure what Eloise did managing to go the wrong way and Carol followed initially. Haven't caught Eloise all season but this isn't how I would have liked to beat her, but am glad she retraced her steps and emerged safe and sound. 1 lap of 5k heath land for the ladies and two laps for the men with the optional 2 laps for the ladies with lure of extra points. So its all down to the final race next Wednesday at Marham a mixture of on and off road. Come and join the fun.

July 26th 2017 - Marham - Race 2

Thanks to Ben and Adam we had a great 5k road loop and ran along with the Lincolnshire league to have some company. The ladies had the option of one or two laps and got some bonus points for doing 10k to add to the excitement of this team event. For a summers day the weather was a bit wet it was nice to keep us cool though. Thanks to everyone who turned out a good atmosphere as usual. 

See you for race three in Brandon country park

June 21st 2017 - Cart Gap - Race 1

So another gathering of the 2nd year summer league. The Wednesday Wanderers hosted this race. Asthe tide was coming in, we started at the launch slope and headed out along the beach to the first man made reef. The idea was to turn at the 2nd safety light on he reef and then head back. This didn't quite go to plan and several people turned slightly early, but us old plodders at the back put this right and did the full 5k. This added to the fun and results in some bonus points being awarded. This was our biggest turnout for the beach and it was fabulous to see Colleen heading the field. The sand was tough and the sea as blue as the sky. Roll on race 2, wonder if this will have a twist too.

August 3rd 2016 - Brandon Country Park - Race 4

Another really hot day for the final event in another great location and a first for the league. The park was really busy so Bobbie set up a great 5k loop up from woodland onto the open heath land and meandering back through the woods to a grassy field. 2 laps for the men and 1 for the ladies with the option for the ladies to do two laps for extra points. This added to the excitement as we thought Marham had run away with the league, but with the calculations on the day there was a huge surprise in that Sportlink stole it from under their noses. So we were very excited to have our photo taken with a trophy that seemed as big as the FA cup. Bobbie double checked the points when she was home and.................we were right to be surprised. Yes Marham had won the league. So well done guys and gals, we'll all try a bit harder and recruit more people for next year. what an exciting end to the first season and a nice medal for those who took part. 

Thanks Ben for making it possible and to Bobbie and Chris for a great final round.

July 13th 2016 - Marham - Race 3

Onto race three hosted by Ben and the Marham Runners. Another beautiful afternoon. We were joined by the services competing in a summer road 10k league from Lincolnshire which boosted our numbers. 2 laps of the camp and village, 10k for the men and a choice for the ladies. Ladies completing 10k were awarded an additional 25 points to shake the standings up a bit and add to the fun. One more race to go before we start with the winter league.

June 22nd 2016 - West Runton Beach - Race 2

A fabulous afternoon was had a West Runton beach with the tide right out. Running from the slip way to Cromer along the tide line in sift unforgiving sand and stones. Then we touched the lifeguard station at Cromer and ran back along the beautiful hard sand and through the rock pools on the shore line back to West Runton. Hard work.

May 4th 2016 - Carp Gap Beach - Race 1

Well here it all begins. We've been asked for a long time to do a summer league. We needed someone to Champion it though and make it happen. Which is exactly what Ben Warnes has done. So today was race one on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast at Carp Gap. The sun was shining and the tide out. So we ran out along the beach on the tide line to the man made rock sea defense, turned and ran back along the shore line it was beautiful. Job done. Well done everyone for making it a great afternoon.