2021/22 EACCL Season

Blickling Hall - Race 5 - 26/1/22 - Courtesy of Dreampace Photography


March 30th - Race 10 - Catton Park & presentation

So last race of the season. So great to be back and get in all the races with the hard work of all the event organisers.

So we headed to Catton Park. Thank you to Deb English, Stacey Harper and the Norwich Road Runners for the great course. Thank you to the Wednesday Wanderers and Sportlink for the refreshments and results. 

The weather just about held out so that we could do everything outside and not end up as a "super spreader event". So we headed out across a "W" in the centre of the tough grassland in the centre of the park and then a loop around the outside, a 2,2m loop. 1 lap for the ladies and 2 loops for the men. Always short course for the final event to allow us time to process the results for the presentation.

Thank you to Creative Engraving for the trophies and Julie London for matching muffins on Jude & Bobbies 10th year of being custodian's of the league. Thank you to everyone for taking park this year in such a fun league. A special thanks to Bobbie, Chris, Jon, Julie and Mum for their continued support to make this happen and all of the individual event organisers who host the events with no financial support at all. The whole league is run on a shoe string to encourage as much participation as possible within the the constraints. Thank you all.

We raised with donations from the car park and refreshments £216.66 for Catton Park. Thank you everyone.

See you next season for more fun.

Any issues please let us know asap 

March 16th - Race 9 - Cawston College

An exciting new venue, what a treat. A huge thanks the Aylsham Runners a new club to the league this year. The weather just about held out for us. 

Thank you to Myles, Chris, Lucy, the Aylsham Runners and all the marshals who volunteered from other teams to make this such a fantastic success. We had a flew teething problems that are easily ironed out. Your feedback has all been taken on and is easily sorted. When you plan these events for the first time it always works when you reekie it and plan it. Then you have 150 runners of all abilities, inevitably there'll be a tweaks needed. This however cannot detract from what a huge success this event was.

What an absolutely majestic location, fabulous venue, refreshments, parking and endless views, I bet most people didn't even know it existed. So the route had just about everything you could ask with a central section where the ladies did 2 laps and the men 3. Pink for the ladies and blue for the men. Lakes, woodland, trip hazards, getting your leg over in the woods on a Wednesday afternoon, hills, trails what more could you ask. Not a lot. Thanks you and well done and we all hope we'll get invited back next season.

See you in two weeks for the finale of the season. Race 10 at Catton Park on 30th March, 2:30pm start. Slightly shorter distance so we can sort the results and do the presentation. Bring some money for refreshments.

March 2nd - Race 8 - Thetford Rugby Club

So the drizzle held off so a great race this afternoon. Thank you to Dale Cooper and the Norfolk Harriers for hosting this afternoons race along side the Police Region cross country.

A beautiful race through the Thetford heath and woodlands. Starting and finishing at the rugby club. All though there were 185 of us just over 40 were competing in the Police race. I hope they enjoyed having the extra competition.

Thanks to Mum, Julie & Coops for helping again.

See you in two weeks (16th March) at race 9 at the new venue for the league, Cawston College. Its where it all get exciting as those aiming to do all 10 rounds get to drop their worst 2 results.

February 16th - Race 7 - Chilton Fields Stowmarket

We have had quite a bit of rain so we were in for a muddy treat. The wind forecast held off as did the rain but was building towards storm Dudley tonight. So Race 7 was at Chilton Fields, Stowmarket Rugby Club and hosted by Juliette and the Stowmaket Striders. Thank you so much and to the lovely ladies who did homemade cakes and refreshments for a local charity. Which spoilt us at the end. I added back all the calories I'd lost round the course. Well worth it though.

We had a smaller amount of runners for this race with 130 finishers all great for those doing all 10 races to be able to drop their worst 2 scoring races. After a blowy briefing we set off around the rugby fields finding our feet and getting use to the slippery mud. Through to a hard trail and onto a short piece of road before hitting the field head lands which were really slippery. Though the gate into the woodland section which the ladies do once and the men twice. The mud was great and really hard work. The men soon caught be before I was able to complete my loop of the woods. Then we retraced the route back to the rugby club, where if you had the energy it was a quick dash to the finish line. A great afternoon.

Thank you to Kerri, Evie and Kay for doing the results and to everyone else who got roped into helping us.

See you in two weeks on March 2nd at Thetford Rugby Club for race 8. Please remember its a 1:30pm start for this race only

February 2nd - Race 6 - Marham Camp

So the clouds cleared and the wind dropped for race 6. Thank you to Fran, Ben and all of Team Marham for putting on the race and over coming the obstacles to do so. Thanks for the fly past as we started the race. At my pace I had time to look. How exciting.

So some changes to the old route and man was it a fast course. We all headed from the car park, down the road to the field where we headed right down the rail to the village. The sheep were not even interested in us they were to busy with the sugar beet. We had a small road section where we then headed to the fen. The men then went right and the ladies left. Where we all headed to the appropriate turning points on the fen. Where we then turned and retraced or steps back to the start. That hill on the way back gets no easier but its not suppose too.

Loved the marshaling points with their music that was great too. Thanks to Bobbie & Chris supplying the refreshments, to Ian helping "our" Julie on the results scanning and Pat doing the the finishing tags. We like everyone to be involved.

See you in two weeks at Stowmarket Rugby Club on the 16th February for race 7.

January 26th - Race 5 - Blickling Park

After a gloomy December and new year what a treat it was to have beautiful sunshine is such a stunning location. A bit more relaxed than of late which also made a great change. Thanks you to Mel, Rosemary and the Coltishall Jaguars for hosting the race.

So we headed around the alternative park run loop in the opposite direction as the shorter route, doubling back past the start where the ladies finished. The men then carried on the reverse of the normal park run route to the mausoleum where they turned and headed through the bluebell wood back to the back car park. Finally heading up the hill and back to the start.

Beautiful with the sun drenched park and lots of nutty runners. 184 Runners amazing. Thanks to my mum handing out the tags and Julie and Kerri doing the results with the new apprentice EJ who luckily for us had school cancelled today.

So its a quick turnaround before the next race at Marham next week. We will endeavour to do the results by then. We are missing tag 146 if yo have it and didn't scan please let us know asap. See you next week.  

December 8th - Race 4 - Whitwell Station

So the weather held out. How lucky was that after the last few days. Another great turn out with just under 200 runners.

Thank you so much for abiding by all the rules with mask wearing and changing in the car park to protect the hall. Its much appreciated.

So thank you to Nick and the Reepham Runners, for normally our wettest event and it didn't disappoint. So we had lovely mud to add to the fun too. Hopefully we'll see plenty more through the season. So one lap for the ladies and two for the men. A fast start heading out along Marriott's Way to the bridge at Blackwater. Then up the steps and doubling back along a lovely rooty, muddy trail to the road. Another hard left into the beautiful meadows, with lots of mud to test how tight your shoes were. Winding towards our favorite bit, the stream crossing, that was wider and deeper than normal to reflect the current conditions. Another dash across the meadow to a short road section at Eades Mill, before the lung busting hill to the top of Whitwell. Across the road down the slippery field back to the Marriott's Way for the finish of the shorter route and the start of the longer route. What more could you ask for on a Wednesday afternoon. Ohh yeh tea and cake.

So have a great break and enjoy Christmas before we head to race 5 at Blickling on the 19th January 2022. Thank you all for your continued support and again thanks to Bobbie, Chris, Jon, Marie and Mum.

November 17th - Race 3 - Caister Beach

Race 3 and we were back to Caister beach and what a beautiful day it was, a far cry from our last visit 2 years ago. The sun was shining, the wind was light and the sand was firmer. Happy days.

Thanks to Martin, Nat and Team Dune Runner for hosting this event and hopefully we raised a great amount for Caister Lifeboat. Also very chuffed that I got to go on the lifeboat without having to be rescued.

No groynes today just miles of beautiful sand with the setting sun afterwards a great treat. One lap for the ladies and 2 for the men. A tough course. With the added bonus of a trip to the dunes at the end to ear those legs out and a little breather in the middle on the trail. 195 finishers which is a great turnout after so many couldn't wait to finish last time. See you all secretly loved it.

Usual thank you to everyone for participating and making it great fun, Jon (& for the new scanners), Bobbie, Chris, and the lovely Julie and Marie. Big thanks to Greg for stepping in and helping with the finishing tags.

Thank you for also helping to raise £315 towards the Caister Lifeboat.

See you all in 3 weeks at Whitwell Station and please remember this is a 2pm start as it gets too dark for this event if not.

November 3rd - Race 2 - Mousehold Heath

So race 2 a new venue for a lot of people and for the EACCL. It didn't disappoint what a absolute epic, awesome, lung busting, to name but a few comments called out to me as the men ran past. There were a few more choice comments that I'll leave to your imagination.

So a massive thanks to Mark Philo and the Tri-Anglia Team. The weather was as bizarre as it was at the beach last week showing us a bit of everything. I doubt there will be any comments about Whitlingham steps after today's race. 

So 2 laps for the ladies and three for the men around Mousehold Heath up hill and down dale, through the leaves and some mud, with some fast down hills after the tough ups and a little respite around the playing fields. If you aren't tired you certainly didn't try hard enough. There was great support as we restarted the laps. 219 finishers, well done everyone.

Thanks to Julie, Anne and Marie for helping me out yet again with the results and Pete with the tags.

Next stop Caister Beach, November 17th, 2:30pm. Another challenging course for those who remember the last one......pray for no wind.

October 20th - Race 1 - West Runton Beach

We are back to what is as near to normal as possible and doesn't it feel good. The sun was shining and the sea looked amazing. Martin & Louise sponsored the race and kindly opened the cafe to provide coffees for the runners thank you. They also provided two beautiful trophies for the winning male and female, we'll award those at race 2.

The weather when we got there was amazing. After the race briefing we started in the sunshine with the men going towards Sheringham and the "4th" groyne, the sand from groyne 1 was amazing. The men then turned and headed back to West Runton, up the slope and then on towards the ladies route. This was truly a race of two half's in more ways than one. So the ladies route was to the 1st groyne at Cromer, turn and head back. There were 2 big out crops of rocks to negotiate or head to towards the tide line to avoid. We had the wind on our backs then it all changed.....a big black cloud rolled in and the wind whipped up. The heavens opened with heavy rain and hail and once you turned to head back into the wind it was really hard work. It was all worth it as we got nearer East Runton the rain stopped and wind dropped. Ending back in West Runton with beautiful sunshine and to top it off a great rainbow.

Thank you for helping to raise £75 towards the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

Thanks everyone with 195 finishers. Looking forward to race 2 at Mousehold Heath on 3rd November, so please read any updates. See you there.