2019/20 EACCL Season

February 4th - Thetford Rugby Club - Race 6

What a beautiful day. 3 years on the trot its been amazing at Thetford. A huge thanks to Steve, Dale, Pete and the Norfolk Harriers for this lovely event. thanks to mum, Adele and Coop's for their help too.

Starting on the edge of the rugby field straight out into the forest on another fast course of woodland and heathland trails with a loop in the middle which the men did twice and the ladies once. 10k for the men and 7k for the ladies. 

Thanks for the refreshments too and look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks at Stowmarket.

Please check the results and let us know if there are any anomalies before the next race?  Juniors and Seniors could you please check you are in the correct age cat. Junior=under age of 20 (must be 19 or less on date of first race), Senior=30-34, 

January 29th - Blickling Park - Race 5

We were lucky yet again with the weather. A nice new venue for the league with great facilities. Thank you to Mel, Adele and all of the Coltishall Jaguars for adopting this race. Thank you to Blickling Park for the use of the park too. A fast route and terrain, so to add an odd hill in the mix to make you work hard was a bonus.

Thanks to everyone who participated we had 180 finishers. We started at the main gates as I led the way.....for all of ten paces. Heading up the hill and around the the alternative park run route in reverse, back to the start where the ladies finished. The men then headed around the normal park run route backwards to the pyramid where they veered off right and through the bluebell woods back to Woodgate car park. Swinging a left up the short sharp hill and straight back to the finish.

Well done everyone and see you next week on the 6th February at Thetford Rugby Club. I have some lost property in my possession, one black glove, a black body warmer and a black pair of shorts all festering nicely in my box ready for next week.

PS: Thanks to the freezing cold results ladies too. Please process your tags asap then grab your coffees please.

December 11th - Whitwell Station - Race 4

What an amazing day, no wind and plenty of sunshine bathing the countryside. A real treat of late. We headed back to Whitwell Station a great venue, which we've never had the pleasure of sunshine at. Hence the early start for such a short day light wise. Thank you to Nick and the Reepham Runners for hosting the event, to all the staff at Whitwell Station, mum and to the results ladies. The car park money was donated to the food bank. 

We had 194 finishers today. The race starting at the station platform and heading down Marriotts Way to the railway bridge where it was a quick charge up the steps. There we double backed along the footpaths and lanes before heading across the beautiful meadows (thank you to the farmer for this access). Then for our favourite shoe shine across the stream. We then popped onto the road before the rooty slog up the lane to the road. Dropping back down to Marriotts Way for a sprint across the bridge to the finish for the ladies and the start of another lap for the men. Thanks to Kerri for keeping Rodney company on his 2nd lap. Well done everyone. Thanks for cooperating with the abandonment of your shoes and socks to keep the venue as clean as possible and to Bobbie and Chris who mopped the foyer and toilets. 

Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you on the 29th at Blickling Park for another new route. 

November 20th - Caister Beach - Race 3

We ventured into the unknown today with a new EACCL venue at Caister Beach, hosted by Martin Rendle and the Dunerunners. The Lifeboat station kindly opened their cafe and we raised money on the car park for them too. The weather was perfect with the sunshine and a nice winter breeze.

So we headed left up the beach along the shore line before turning. Straight into a head wind meandering through a mixture of paths, dunes, and beach and back to the Lifeboat Station. 1 lap for the ladies and two for the men. It was a tough (maybe brutal) but a beautiful course and made you work hard trying to pick the best line through the sand and shingle.  Then it was back to the Lifeboat station for fabulous homemade cakes. Thank you to all the Dunerunners and their helpers. A special mention to the lovely marshals who ran in with Rodney who completed 2 laps. Fantastic. Thanks to the results ladies too, you seem to like this far more than participating.....strange. 

We head into a 3 week break before race 4 at Whitwell Station. Remember this is the only race that starts at 2pm due to light issues. Please check out the website and Facebook before the event if you get to the event via the Fakenham Road and Nowhere Lane. This road is currently closed under the bridge, so watch this space.

November 6th - Whitlingham Country Park - Race 2

A massive thanks to Mark Philo, Ali, Rob, Chris, Brian and the other TA members who made today's race such a success. I'd also like to thank Carol, Julie, Kim, Kerri and Jodie my lovely mates who gave their afternoon up to  the scan the results, so you didn't get cold. 

This is normally our biggest the race of the season so Mark kindly tweaked the route to avoid bottle necks on the stairway to heaven and started the ladies 5 minutes later. This all seemed to work really well, thanks Mark. So we had a lap of the picnic field and then along the woodland trail up the hill along side the bypass and then back down in to the play area and car park. Back through the woodland trails across the road to the lake. Along the side of the beautiful Whitlingham Broad and across the road back to the start. 2 laps for the ladies and 3 the men with the subsequent laps to include the stairway to heaven. Fab bring on race 3.

Race 3 is a new race on the beach so sand, sand and more sand. See you there.

October 16th 2019 - West Runton Beach - Race 1

Well here we go again, a new season, an old location and new results recording. Massive thanks to Martin, Louise and all their staff for their support and sponsorship. It was a grey drizzly day which didn't deter the cross country mad people who have a Wednesday free for some fun.

The men set off towards Sheringham and the ladies towards Cromer. Ladies turning and straight back for a free for all route on the beach whilst the men were in hot pursuit. A lovely head wind on the way back in the drizzle to add to the fun. We had 206 finishers (& starters). Fantastic. Thank you for your support and for the new recording system, that went really well (huge thanks to Jon Beverly at Total Race Timing). Also thanks to the Wednesday Wanderers, Nick, Craig and Mum for your help and marshalling skills and helping me make the race possible.

Results with be with you soon. Look forward to seeing you at the next race, Nov 6th at Whitlingham Country Park.

2018/19 EACCL Season

March 26th - Catton Park - Race 10 & presentation

Perfect weather yet again. Just what we needed for the final race. Its a bit shorter than usual to give us extra time to finalise the results and have a bit of a jolly to celebrate the season and carry out the presentation.

We had a fantastic turnout again. Thanks you to Jodie Causer and all of the Norwich Road Runners who somehow managed to mark out, marshal and clear away the course while having a right old giggle.....you know who the ring leaders are. Thanks also to the lovely Wednesday Wanderers who always help me out when I get us involved in things. Finally to Judy, mum, Potty and Cynthia for all of their help doing tags and serving you all refreshments. Bobbie and Chris had the results licked and all in control without them the league just wouldn't happen.

So off we went from the bottom corner of the park up through the wild grass around the magnificent trees (even the dead ones) in a W shape in the middle portion of the park, before heading towards the main gate. There we ducked into the woods and popped out the Spixworth Road end before following the path right around the park and through the woodland trails the St Faiths Road side of the park. Before popping out for the ladies to finish and the men another lap.

Then we had a flurry of activity taking and processing the results before enjoying the refreshments and presentation. Thank you everyone for another great season and an ever expanding league with many new friendships being made. I hope you enjoy it and hope to see you for our mini summer league before starting all over again in October. Hopefully with more mud next season. We made £287.35 towards the up keep of the Park today as well so thanks everyone. The homemade cakes were amazing thanks to everyone who contributed to them too.

March 13th - Nowton Park - Race 9

So on the day storm Gareth decided to batter the country it had eased by the time we got to the beautiful Nowton Park and the daffodils were out. What a treat I think 20 years I've only seen the out twice. The rain even managed to hold off. The Pacers put on an excellent race and even managed to get the gazebo up and tied down to keep the doughnuts safe.

So we headed away from the visitor centre and through the woodland muddy trails (great to see some mud), then we popped out onto the meadow to face storm Gareth who took your breath away but not for long as we kicked back and headed back towards the tennis courts and dipped back into a woodland trail and the lovely bomb hole. We emerged back into the meadow land trail and back through the woodland avenue with all the beautiful daffodils and molehills. Off we set again with 2 laps for the ladies and 3 for the men.

Thank you Eloise and all of the Bury Pacers another great event on a Wednesday afternoon. ( races to complete 1 to go with the presentation. Bring some pennies towards the teas and coffees and any donations for cake (all going to Catton Park). 

February 20th - Stowmarket - Race 8

What a change weather wise from last year. The sun shone and it was a lot warmer. The welcome was as good. Thank you to Mike and the Stowmarket Striders. The terrain had changed from last year with the huge building project taking place swallowing such beautiful countryside to consume our increasing needs.

So we set off across the rugby fields and around the building area into the lane and around the fields into the woodland area. Not as much mud as last year. The ladies doing 1 lap of the woods and the men two. I hadn't managed a whole lap before the men started to pass by. Then it was back retracing our steps into the rugby pitch finish. Fantastic. Thank you Striders and the refreshment ladies. 

2 races to go, see you in 3 weeks at Nowton Park. Hoping the daffodils may be out. 

February 6th - Thetford - Race 7

What a lovely day, positively warm as of late and the sun shone. Fabulous. Our 2nd visit to this venue, we got to see the Police Championship finish before we started. Steve and his helpers put on a great race through the rugby grounds and into the forest and heathland. Mum came too as she loves to hand out the tags, we cant drag her away. Can I just remind everybody that the race rules clearly state that no headphone, dogs and pushchairs are permitted. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your points and continual non-compliance could result in the removal from the league. Sorry to have to say that, but we must maintain integrity for all competing.

So back to the great day we had. We set off around the rugby fields this time before heading into the heathland and woods. There was a mixture of terrain before the men headed around for a second lap and the ladies headed back to the fields and the finish. 162 finishers great turn out. Lovely coffee and cake afterwards and a brilliant atmosphere as we all enjoyed sitting outside enjoying the weather and the league cheering everyone in. Fabulous.

See you in two weeks at Stowmarket.

January 23rd - UEA - Race 6

Thank you to Alice, Callum, Liam, Bobbie and Chris for today's event and all of their marshals. The weather was a welcome improvement on last week. It was perfect really clear and cold with the added bonus of sunshine. With all the last minute changes with parking we had a great field and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

So we had the slight variation to the Colney Lane Park Run course. We set off from the pavilion, along the sports field, through the hedge and along the river. Then up the hill (glad I only had to do that twice), along the edge of Bluebell Road and around the top of the sports fields again with a drop of mud...lovely. Then it was another lap for the ladies and another three for the men.

Thanks everyone and see you in two weeks at Thetford

January 16th - Marham Camp - Race 5

Well that was a surprise today, one that we will be loosing Ben and Adam from Marham. They have been an immense help to the league and to Bobbie and myself. We wish them well in their posting and maybe they can organise an annual race at their new location in the summer months and we can have a day out. The 2nd surprise was......where did that rain come from? We haven't had rain at an event in over a year.

So we got there on a grey day and at the start in the warm up it started to rain. Went we started it threw it down, I couldn't see a think, with my glasses smeared and steamed up, so I just trusted the person in front of me as we legged it down the hill and a cracking pace. A short dash down the road and into the fen, fabulous. Quick clean of my specs....still couldn't see a thing. Alan missed the start again and shot past me on on route to catching the men. The fen was lovely and out of the wind. 1 lap for the ladies and 3 for the men. Back to the road and then for the drag back up the hill before the short flat finish. Fabulous course. Absolutely soaked.

The indoor base was more that welcome today. I think my change of clothes was quicker than my run and hilarious with the ladies laughing about the weather. Thanks to all the the marshals and Caroline for their support in the rain today. See you all next week at the UEA for more fun and hopefully mud.

December 12th - Whitwell Station - Race 4

What a surprise for Whitwell, the sun was shining, fabulous. It was a cold crisp day with beautiful sunshine as we headed to Whitwell for an early start to make the most of the light. Reepham Runners hosted this great event with the added luxury of the hall facilities with drinks, cake and the added bonus of toilets. What a treat.

So before we head into the Christmas and New Year break we had to work extra hard over a mixture of terrain. Got to burn some calories off before any over indulgence. Starting on the fast Marriotts Way leg before leading along the lanes and meadows with a brief feet wetting dip in the chilly stream, before heading towards the road. A quick dash on the road heading up the rooty lane back to a field and finishing for the ladies on Marriotts Way in front of the station. For the men they got a second lap before the ladies ate all the cake.

Thanks Reepham Runners for a great event and to mum for dishing out the tags. 187 finishers another marvellous turnout, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you everyone for for continued support, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you on the 16th Jan at Marham for race 5.

November 21st - Fritton Lake - Race 3

What another fantastic day for a run. The setting was beautiful especially with the setting sun. A huge thanks to Andy & Nicola Baker and the fantasic Great Yarmouth Road Runners for hosting such a great event. Thank you to Lord Somerleyton to for having us.

So as we started we dropped around the lake which was beautiful and ran roughly alongside it through the trails. The colours of the leaves were beautiful if you were skillful enough to grab a peek. Then we headed through the lodges and up around a woody trail which has been much improved since the last time we used it, so the course was fast. Then we headed back through the lodges and over the meadows back to the finish for the ladies and a second lap for the men. Another amazing turnout of over 200.

Then it was to the doughnuts as a treat. Thanks everyone and see you in three weeks at Whitwell Station hosted by Reepham Runners. Please remember this is the only race of the season that starts at 2pm as the light fails so quickly. Bring spare dry shoes and socks.

November 7th - Whitlingham Country Park - Race 2

The weather improved in the afternoon as the wind got up too, for our annual trip to Whitlingham Country Park. A great event hosted by Tri-Anglia thank you to Mark and all of the helpers you had. We also trialled the new biodegradable cups. So as usual it was 2 laps for the ladies and three for the men, this year the men had a 5 min head start to try and minimise the congestion on the first hill up the steps. This was a big help to the ladies.

So we went around the field and along the trails up the hills along side the southern bypass in the woods before heading down into the play area. Out the other side on the trails by the tree felling before heading alongside the lake and back to the start for the next lap.

The biggest suprise today was the turnout. This is normally the busiest of the season but we had an incredible 250 finishers. Thanks for your patience with the results logging and hope to see you in two weeks time at Fritton.  

October 10th - West Runton - Race 1

What an absolutely beautiful day for the first race of the season. A huge thank you to the Seaview Cafe and all of their support and for sponsoring the first race providing two gorgeous trophies for the leading lady and man.

We had a great turnout of around 150 runners. The mens race going to Sheringham and back around our lovely turning point "Kim". Then to chase down the ladies who ran to Cromer and back. The tide was perfect, the sand glorious, a few wet feet, the sea was blue and there was only one precarious outcrop of rocks to negotiate. The it was straight back to our lovely finishing tag assistant Ray. Before heading back to the Cafe to hand the tags into Anne, Carol, Kim and Caroline.

Hope you all had a great time and see you in a few weeks for more fun.

2017/18 EACCL Season

March 21st - Catton Park - Race 10 & presentation

What a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly for the last race of the season. A huge thank you to Nick Gurney and NRR who hosted the race.  We greatly appreciate all the work Nick has put into hosting this race over the last few years, and wish him all the best as Nick has stepped down from hosting this race. Hopefully someone will volunteer to do this in the future. If you are interested please let us or Nick know. We hope that Nick can participate in future seasons and enjoy it as much as we do. 

We began the afternoon by taking a vote with the ladies as to where we should head with the league, with it's "archaic and prehistoric" set up allowing the men doing 10k and the ladies only 5k. As you are aware this has become a rising concern and hot topic in the last few months. It was a majority vote to continue with the present format. So we will continue with this format for the 2018/19 season. However as you appreciate, we do not shy away from progress and if anyone can come up with a proposal to "equalise" the format that will not discriminate anyone in many ways and it does not take any additional time or resource to process, we will always be prepared to consider it. To road test it to ensure that it is robust enough and is no more time or cost intensive the summer league of 2019 would be ideal test environment.

So after a briefing from Nick we set off across the park and around the perimeter and back to the bottom corner (Fifers Lane), then heading up and around the rough grass towards the Hall and on to the central path we bombed down towards the main gates. We did a hard left and into the woods towards the Spixworth Road entrance where the ladies went left to the finish and the men right for another lap. A great mixture of terrain on such a fabulous day.

Results all taken and heading in for the buffet and presentation. Well done to Jodie and her raffle for Wizz Kids raising £141 towards her London Marathon Charity Place, Jodie has now met her target so she can now concentrate on her training, good luck on the day. You'll be fabulous.

We also raised £107 for Catton Park with refreshments and car parking.

Thanks to everyone who helped make today possible especially my good ole mum, Judy (who is in her 80's....mums not far behind ha ha), Caroline, Carol B, Helen, Sandy, Sue, Christine, the NRR marshals and anyone I've missed.

Myself and Bobbie would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking park this season and for such a fun event. Long may it continue and we look forward to seeing you in the summer and next October.

Thank you all for another fantastic season. See you in May for the summer league

March 7th - Nowton Park - Race 9

So we headed to the Bury Pacers for the penultimate race of the season. Whilst miserable and raining in Norwich the sun was out and it was 9 degrees in Nowton Park and felt positively warm. Eloise and her merry band had set up a great route.

The route set off across the bridge and wound around the outer woodland paths of the park before we popped out in the inner parkland fields and some glorious mud. We doubled back towards the tennis courts and then through our favourite bomb hole. As for sporting spirit I would like to say a big well done to Beth, Bobbie and a GYRR lady who stopped their race to help Rachel up the hill after a fall, which I think summarises the camaraderie amongst the participants of the league. We then headed back to the start on the slippery grass or we thought we were. Oh no we then headed away from the start to the end of the avenue and then a sharp right onto the avenue back towards the start. 2 laps for the ladies, 3 for the men. A fantastic route. Thanks everyone and for every flavor doughnut that you can imagine.....well except chocolate.  

9 down 1 to go. See you at Catton on the 21st. A shorter course so that we can sort the results and do the presentation. Please park at the recreation ground and walk across and keep the small outer car park of the park free for dog walkers. There will be a 50p charge for the car park and refreshments for the Catton Park upkeep. The usual buffet will also be available whilst we finalise the results. Finally Jodie of the Norwich Road Runners will be doing a raffle towards her charity place charity for the London Marathon, so please support her too she has some great prizes.

February 21st - Stowmarket Rugby Club - Race 8

Lots of lovely slippery mud at last on a dull, cold day. Thank you to Stowmarket Striders for a great event and a big thanks to Julia for picking up the gauntlet at short notice in Mikes absence. We wish Mike a speedy recovery.  

This is year 2 at this event and it didn't let us down. A bit longer for the ladies at 7k and the men 10k. We headed out around the rugby fields and weaved our way around pathways between the fields and around the headlands which were lovely a slippery, no ideal footwear today. The terrain was up and down too so it was hard work. We ran out to a woodland section that had a diverse mixture of terrain and obstacles that kept most of us on our toes. Rodney had a nice role in the mud at some point which we have a lovely picture of. The men did 2 laps of the wood and the women 1. Four of the faster men had overtaken me before we got of of the woods. Then we retraced our tracks back to a certain point before a lovely uphill section around the headlands with a sprint around the rugby pitches to the finish. Excellent.

To finish a great day there were lots of homemade cakes and refreshments on offer to raise some funds for a trail event planned later in the season. Thanks you to all of the marshals and helpers for another great event. Two more to go.

See you in two weeks at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds, lets hope the daffodils are out.

February 7th - Thetford Rugby Club - Race 7

What a beautiful day and a new event. Thanks to Steve, Dale, Pete, Brian and the Norfolk Harriers. The Rugby Club was set in the woods so felt warm in the sunshine. An easy venue to find with plenty of parking and lots of facilities so we we thoroughly spoilt.

It was such a fast course the men managed 5:30mm and Nicole completed the ladies race in 19 minutes. So Steve Jones set us off down the edge of the pitch straight into woodland trails which was up hill to start with which you didn't realise until you headed back. We wove around the wood and heath land bathed in winter sunshine. I was completely disorientated but there were plenty of people to chase. We all met Rodney coming the other way as he ran to the loop in the opposite direction to us all which made us smile. We headed back to the Rugby Club where the men went round for lap two and the ladies headed back to the finish.

It was great to incorporate the Police's cross country with our own to make the field more exciting for everyone. With participants from Suffolk, Kent, Hertfordshire and they were only the ones I saw come past. Here's looking forward to it next year. 

See you all in two weeks at Stowmarket, for another great course.

January 24th - UEA - Race 6

Well it was another grey miserable day but the wind had dropped and the heavy rain had passed so it was quite warm. Today we had a new route thanks to Alice and her merry band of helpers, a special mention to the lady at the top of the hill who was full of beans and encouragement for us all. 

So the new route was the Colney Lane Park Run route. Starting near the pavilion and skirting the football pitches then along the trails nearly to the metal bridge, where we hung right and up through the woodland trails where we ran along side Bluebell Road. Then we had my favourite section through the mud back to the start of the lap. To a great mixture of terrain. The ladies did 2 laps and the men 4. Thanks everyone great race and turnout again.

Parking at the Triangle car park was a lot better this year too.

See you in 2 weeks at a new location in Thetford. Please remember just for this race it will be a 2pm start. 

January 10th - Marham Sandringham Centre - Race 5

This was a new route to many that Ben and Adam put together for the summer league. It worked really when then and we all thought it would be a great route to adapt to accommodate the winter league and a lot cheaper. So apart from a blunder with the post code it was a great event.

With a great meet and greet point in the Sandringham Centre, we had a welcome briefing in the warmth of the centre before the short walk to the start. The lads held the traffic for a short while so we had a safe short dash along the road before hanging a left down a footpath in a field. At the bottom we had to negotiate some kissing gates "ohhrrr misses" (and get a breather) to get onto the road section through the village. Just after the whiff of the pizza shop we hung a left down to the fen, where we all ran out together to a certain point, where the men hung a left and did an out and back leg beside the river, negotiating the mole hills. This gave the ladies a chance to get a head as we hung right then double backed on another lane running parallel where the men also ran once they had completed their extra section. We worked our way back to the Pizza Shop and through the village to the field. This was a tough old leg back to the finish. Fabulous.

Great goodies at the end. Thank you Marham 

December 13th - Whitwell Station - Race 4

So we knew we were going to get wet feet come what may and as usual Reepham Runners delivered that mud and even rain to add to the event to make it as enjoyable as possible. Thank you.

So we set off down Marriotts Way on a fast stretch which spread the field. Then up the steps near the bridge where we double backed on ourselves on a rooty old path and across some grassy land into a great track with a bit of everything and down to the road. We then double backed on the track across the grassy meadows and through the muddy gateways. There were shoes stuck and people hopping around trying to get them and random people falling gently into the mud. Then it was what we'd all been waiting for a dip in the stream. It was knee deep with a little wade up stream bobbing under the bridge trying not to put your hands down and not wanting to look the stiffest person around you. With a quick splodge around in the sticky mud out of the stream, it was a quick dash through the remainder of the meadow to the road. A quick dash across the road was followed by a nice woody lane up the hill to the back of Whitwell Station. One last road crossing down the field and back onto Marriotts Way and the finish for the ladies and the start of another lap for the men. The men had the added bonus of catching the rain.

Then into the warmth of the station and their fabulous refreshments. Happy Birthday to Mark Tayler and condolences to Pat Brightman with love from all of the EACCL.

Enjoy a 4 week break and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Can the ladies around me especially enjoy if and eat to much to slow them down for 2018.

See you all on the 10th January 2018. Please note that it is not at Shouldham Warren but on the base. Please see the locations page. Please do not park at the Sandringham Centre please park at the field down the road. Go past the Sandringham Centre and shop. You will go around a sharp right hand bend and the field is just on your right hand side.

November 22nd - Fritton Lake - Race 3

So race 3 headed back to Fritton Lake, thanks to the Great Yarmouth Road Runners for a great venue and course, they even managed to secure a beautiful day. The course had changed this year, running alongside the lake was an absolute treat if you dared to look. The colours of the trees were incredible, I appreciated the ones laying on the floor more so I didn't fall over. Then there was a dash around the lodges before cutting in around the meadow. 3 laps for the men and two for the ladies. 

Another brilliant turnout again, thanks everyone. This can increase the time it takes to log the results, so please be patient or if you have time and nice clear hand writing please feel free to grab the next sheet and help log the results.

All finished off with a great doughnut. Another lovely day out.

See you in three week at Whitwell Station. 

November 8th - Whitlingham Country Park - Race 2

Race 2. What an absolutely fabulous turnout. Thank you everyone. This is a tough course with two laps for the ladies and three for the men. Around a marshy, mole hilly field, along a trail to the steps to heaven (or hell) however you see them. Up to a ridge not to far from the bypass. Back down through the play area and car park. With a kick dash across the road and follow the lake back to the start before embarking on another lap. The rain stopped for the race and it was fabulous. Thanks to Mark and the Tri-Anglia crew for an outstanding and tough race.

See you in two weeks at Fritton.

October 18th - West Runton Beach - Race 1

So here we go again, a new season with more new teams. Joining the fun this year we have East Coast Runners and Wymondham Athletics Club. So we headed off to the coast myself, Jodie and Kim chalked the groynes so that it would make the men's race easier. Waste of time that was as it chucked it down with rain, thank goodness the glamorous Kim agreed to be the turning post. So after the briefing and explaining the only groyne touching would be of the wooden kind we set the men off towards Sheringham and the ladies towards Cromer. The sea was at low tide so we had plenty of glorious sand to run on. There was also a high sand content to the beach this year so we only had one awkward rocky outcrop to negotiate. 

So the men went to Sheringham turned and came back to the starting point and then did the ladies race. The ladies ran to Cromer touched the first groyne and turned to come back. The wind was behind us on our return which was much better than last year. Great turn out with 131 runners. Thanks to the Wednesday Wanderers helping me host the event and to the Seaview Cafe for their support. Looking forward to seeing you in two weeks time at Whitlingham Park.

2016/17 EACCL Season

March 22nd 2017 - Catton Park - Race 10

Onto the last race of the season and luckily the weather held out until everything was completed. Thanks to Nick Gurney and Norwich Road Runners for a great route with a bit of unexpected mystery which added to the fun. A variation of the Park Run with the addition of the long grass and the wooded area. 2.5 miles for the ladies and 4 miles for the men. We always have a short route on the last event to enable us to get the results in and have the presentation on the same day.

So we then all headed into the lodge for the buffet and refreshments which raised £68 for Catton Park which was gratefully received. Thanks to the Wednesday Wanderers for their help with this including the mums. Bobbie and Chris were huddled in the corner number crunching to get the results correct and and the presentation underway. We did have a few blips in the men,s category between 5th and 10th which have now been corrected and additional trophies are on order. Thanks Bobbie for all of your help.

Look forward to seeing you all next season.

Results - 

March 8th 2017 - Nowton Park - Race 9

So the fun begins as we enter the last two races. Only your top 8 races count for the individual prizes but all 10 count towards the team event.

Thank you to Eloise and the Bury Pacers for a fabulous event, even the weather managed to hold out this year. It was on the shorter course this year and to add a twist it was in reverse to last year which made the bomb hole interesting. A fast course over a mixture of terrain including grassy and woodland trails with plenty of twigs about to keep you alert. 3 laps for the men and two for the ladies.

To finish a great afternoon there was every type of doughnut know to Bury St Edmunds. Thank you to all of the marshals too.

See you for the final race at Catton Park. This is a slightly shorter event to enable us to process the results and carry out the presentation. Please bring some money for a cuppa afterwards while you wait. There will be a small buffet for everyone afterwards too. 

February 21st 2017 - Brandon Country Park - Race 8

Thank you to Bobbie and Chris for putting on this race last minute due to us loosing the planned venue. Also thanks to Peter and Chris Gay for all of their work helping set it up. We hadn't ran this route as park of the winter league. It seemed tougher than I remember it in the summer except for the intense heat we had in August. 

A great varied route of trails, sand and woodland with some long up hill drags that we soon forgot on the fast downhills. A fast course. 2 laps for the men and 1 for the ladies. Another great afternoon out just before storm Doris closed the park. 

So two races to go and this is where the fun starts. Remember if you do all ten races only just best 8 count so it keeps it exciting to the end.

See you on the 8th March at Nowton Park, hopefully the daffodils will be out.

February 8th 2017 - Chilton Hills - Race 7

What a cold grey day for our very first visit to Chilton Hills, which incidentally had no hills. I did know this prior to the event but thought it may add to the anticipation of the event. Stowmarket Striders hosted this event starting at the Rugby club. We ran from the playing fields across wide open farmland along various terrain public paths. At my pace the view was great. Then around some muddy headlands into a woodland section which was great, mud, little bit of water but shelter from the bitter wind. The men did 2 laps of the woodland area and the ladies 1. Then we virtually retraced our footsteps back towards the rugby club where the run in was different bringing us back on the the pitches in a different place. Finally a blast around the pitches to the end. I was glad to see that the nice people taking the results had found some shelter from the cold. 4.7 miles for the ladies and just over 6 miles for the men.

Refreshments were amazing and very much appreciated to warm us all up. Thank you to Mike and his merry marshals and we hope we are invited back next year.

January 18th 2017 - UEA - Race 6

A cold but dry day. The UEA was a busy event which is always good to see. Thank you Sam and your crew for a well marked route and glad the river path was back in the route.

Across the grass and around the pitches, up the hill and along Blue bell Road. Then dropping down and around the lake and across the grass to the woodland. Popping out briefly in Earlham Park before ending the lap along the sticky river path. For the men it was round again and for the ladies a dash back to the finish. Thanks everyone.

A 3 week break now until we head to a new venue, Chilton Hills hosted by Stowmarket on the 8th February.

January 11th 2017 - Shouldham Warren - Race 5

Back to Shouldham Warren today always popular with the added bonus of toilets today. Thanks to Ben and Marham. Not sure how they managed to get the sunshine too which was a nice extra.

It was the usual loop twisting around the forest through the trails along heath land and besides the ditch dodging the mole hills. With varying hills to make you work that much harder especially the sandy one, two steps forward and one step back. Two laps for the men and one for the ladies. I managed to have my first face plant of the year that woke me up in my warm up. I think I was out done by Luke on his first lap. Another great turn out. Well done everyone.

See you next week at the UEA.

December 14th 2016 - Whitwell Station - Race 4

The fog cleared to reveal a beautiful winters sunny, blue sky and no wind day. What more could we ask. With another great turn out to Whitwell hosted by Reepham Runners.

2 laps for the men and 1 for the ladies, heading out along Marriotts Way around the fields and farm tracks. Then it was across rutty meadows and a kick feet dip in the stream and under the bridge. We headed back for this across the meadows, up a rutty, rooty track along a field and a quick dash back to the finish or another lap. 

All followed by great facilities and refreshments. Thanks to Nick and the Reepham Runners & good old mum.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and see you on the 11th at Shouldham Warren.

November 23rd 2016 - Whitlingham Country Park - Race 3

Fine weather at last. Brilliant turnout for a tough course. 3 laps for the men and two for the ladies. Looping around a mixture of grassy meadows, woodland trails, killer steps and lake side trails. Beautiful.

Thank you to Mark Philo and the Tri-Anglia members for hosting a lovely race.

November 9th 2016 - Fritton Lake - Race 2

On a wet soggy Wednesday afternoon we had yet another tremendous turnout which is so lovely to see. Thank you to Andy Baker and the Great Yarmouth Road Runners.  

Thank you for your support in remembrance to Norwich Road Road Mark Ring who sadly passed away at the weekend. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

The route was similar to last years going around the side of the lake and meandering through the lodges and woodlands before heading back through the meadows. 2 laps for the ladies and three for the men.

Then it was off to the tent for some wonderful posh nosh supplied by the local Hotel. A welcome addition on such a grotty day. Thank you to everyone.

October 19th 2016 - West Runton Beach - Race 1

So its off again, yes its the start of the new season. This year we have 15 teams so should make for exciting races. 

On a very windy changeable day we had all the weathers thrown at us to wake the season up. Weston Runton being a new venue for the winter league. For the men it was a windy old run along the coastal path to Beston Bump with a brief rest from the wind around the base of the bump. Then it was a challenging climb to the blowy top without much time to take in the beautiful view. Then back down the bump to join in the ladies route. With the wind behind it was a stony dash along the tide line to the 1st groyne in Cromer. Turning at this point into a head strong wind back along the water line on the beautiful sand back to West Runton. I can't believe we managed to miss the rain. We had a great turnout for the first race in those conditions with 117 finishing.

Thank you to the Wednesday ladies for helping make the day possible and the support of the Seaview Cafe.

Look forward to seeing you at the next race.

2015/16 EACCL Season

March 23rd 2016 - Catton Park - Race 10

So another season draws to a close with the final event being held in Catton Park. Thank you to Norwich Road Runners for sponsoring this event. Thank you to Wendy, Brian, Lynda, Richard, Caroline, Anne, mum, Bobbie and Chris for helping set this up and to all of you for a fantastic attendance. 

Lots of the categories went down to the final race which always makes it exciting too. The weather held out and was perfect. Always a slightly shorter route on the last day to enable us to have more time to process the results which is always a bit stressful. So 1 lap for the ladies 2.5m and 2 laps for the men 5m. A tough little course through the long grass on the in field meandering around the "pretty" trees and then a full lap around the perimeter pathway. Lots of gentle up hills with a nice fast finish.

Followed by the customary cuppa and buffet to warm us up before the presentation. Well done to everyone who has taken part this year it makes the hard work worth it. We are just verifying the results at the moment. We hope to make them available very soon.

Photos:  We have set up a FLICKR account to make it easier to record photos and videos. So if you have anything I can add please let me know then non Facebook users can see everything too.

March 9th 2016 - Nowton Park - Race 9

So our good weather bubble burst today. It was still warm though and the rain did ease off for the race. Thanks to Eloise and the Bury Pacers for a great route through the daffodils which was a real treat. Never been that way around the park. With lots of sloppy mud to plod through it was lovely. The bomb hole was a slippery crita to get out of. Nice hard work on a Wednesday afternoon. 2 laps for the ladies and 4 for the men.

To top it off plenty of doughnuts to celebrate Keiths "21st" birthday. Well done everyone and see you at the last race in two weeks. This will be a slightly shorter course to enable us to process the results so that we can do the presentation afterwards with a small complimentary buffet to celebrate another season. Coffees and teas will be sold to raise money for the park so please bring your money. Please also bring clean shoes to wear in the lodge afterwards. 

February 24th 2016 - Bacton Woods - Race 8

I can't believe how lucky we have been yet again with the weather. Thanks to Wendy, Caroline, Pete and Jane for helping me set up the course. Enjoyed seeing Wendy push a wheel barrow filled with sawdust the complete course. Then we had time for a nice cuppa and biscuit before everyone arrived.

A slightly different course to last year with a bit of everything. A fast start with small whooped sections through the mountain bike course, meandering around the woodland paths with some nice climbs and down hills over varying terrains. Oh and a few sections of nice slidey mud for good measure finishing off with a fast finish. 1 lap, 3.25m for the ladies and 2 laps, just over 6 miles for the men. Hope you enjoyed it as much as us. 

Then we had a leisurely 3rd lap collecting any markers with Wendy, while you you all ate cake and drank coffee kindly provided by Bobbie and Chris. Thanks to Brian for marshalling and to Julie and Pat for collecting the results.

Two races to go. Due to the mild winter hoping we might get to see the daffodils out at Nowton Park. See you in two weeks for the penultimate round 

February 10th 2016 - Blickling Park - Race 7

Again the showers cleared for another beautiful day. How lucky we have been. Thank you to Blickling Park allowing us to use the park run route. To change it a little we decided to run it backwards. 1.75 laps for the ladies and 3.75 for the men. The mud had cleared from a few weeks ago leaving it very fast.

Thanks to Bobbie for her usual help making this event happen very last minute. Today thanks to Chris, Stuart, Julie, good old mum, Anne and Carol for helping with the chores to make it a success.

See you on the 24th at Bacton Woods

January 20th 2016 - Shouldham Warren - Race 6

A beautiful winters sunny day. Thank you Adam and all of your marshals.The course was well marked and a fantastic route along heathland trails with a great mixture of sandy and muddy trails and a few hills for good measure. It wound round the area beautifully in and out of the trees. 1 lap for the ladies and two for the men. 

Finished with a Jaffa cake and a doughnut a great end to the day. A great turnout again. Well done everyone.

January 13th 2016 - UEA - Race 5

Another fabulous weather day warm and funny. A huge turnout again today, well done everyone and anyone new I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to Kate and Jack for an amended route due to flooding along the river. Gutted that's my favourite bit. It felt like a really fast course today too.

We headed out from the pavilion along the pitches and up he hill along beside the road, ducking down to the lake.We then went right around the lake along the board walk and up the hill towards the road. Sharpe left across the grass and the lake towards the bridge. Then a great stretch through the woods into Eaton park before a kick back to the road way across the bridge. For the ladies it was back to the start and the men the joys of a second lap. Happy days.

December 16th 2015 - Whitwell Station - Reepham Runners - Race 4

What a fabulous event today. A bit of everything. The season continues to get better and stronger. The weather also held off the rain and was unseasonably warm. Nice to see Whitwell Station going strength to strength with their new function room and toilet block. Thank you to the staff for their warm welcome. Thanks to Nick Bowden for putting on another marmite race (love it or hate it). I thought it was great, a little of everything to suit all runners, the grassy fields being particularly tough. Also thanks to the marshalls from Reepham Runners who helped today, plus Lou, Nigel and good old mum for offering some help.

So two laps for the men and 1 for the ladies. Starting along Marriotts Way and then heading along a trail into the meadows and through the stream to wash your shoes before heading up the rooty old lane and back round the field. Finishing back on Marriotts Way outside the station.

Sorry I forgot the headcam today, so no footage.

November 25th 2015 - Whitlingham Country Park - Tri Anglia - Race 3

A beautiful start to the race with a nice soggy bit to splatter your friends. Not many mole hill this year in the field before the woodland trail to the steps, oh yes what joy. Always a good way to increase the heart rate on a Wednesday afternoon. Then alone the ridge and down through the play area. After a short trail besides the road the rest of lap is by the beautiful lake. Where a glimpse of a great black sky gave a clue to what was looming in the second and third laps. Yes hail and rain to add a little more excitement. 2 laps for the ladies 4.4m and 3 laps for the men 6.5m.

Thank you Mark and the Tri Anglia team for another great race and the biggest turnout of the season to date I should imagine. Nice to see a few new faces again. Well done to Bobbie for rescuing the results that were getting soggy.

See you in three weeks and Whitwell Station. Bring spare shoes and clothes as Nick normally has a few wet surprises for us.

November 11th 2015 - Fritton Outdoor Centre - GYRR - Race 2

What a beautiful autumn day for a run in a new location. Thanks you Andy Baker and the Great Yarmouth Road Runners for such a fantastic run with a bit of everything. Approx 4.5m for the ladies and 6.75m for the men.

It started off at the centre and incorporated some of the park run route and then went off into the woods for some lovely muddy sections with plenty of roots and leaves to keep you on your toes. That is unless you were unfortunate enough to fall over. Thank you to all of the marshals. Great to have the use of the hose at the end of the race too along with all of the other facilities.

See you in two weeks at Whitlingham Park

October 28th 2015 - Knettishall Heath - Honington - Race 1

So the new season begins. We have four new teams to welcome, Sportlink, Norwich Road Runners, Norfolk Gazelles and Norfolk Harriers which is a great start to the season. Sportlink has taken the reigns over the old Runners Centre team, Pete Johnson will hopefully be joining us and if we are really luck you never know Steph and Neil might occasionally join in the fun.

What a beautiful afternoon after such a soggy morning. It made the course nice and wet and slippery, enough to go home with wet feet. A great warm up to the season with two laps for the ladies and three for the men. Thanks as usual to Ritchie Parkin for putting on a great race. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ritchie for all of his help and commitment in the last few seasons and wish him luck in pastures new. He has set the bar high for Ian to take over. Welcome Ian.

We had 117 finishers which is also a great start to the season. Next stop is Fritton Lake. It will be held at the outdoor centre this year. More details to follow. Does anyone have any photos?

2014/15 EACCL Season

March 11th - Catton Park, Norwich - race 10

The weather gods shone again. It was a fabulous sunny day for the final race of the season. Thanks to everyone for turning out and I hope you enjoyed the new venue. It was a slighty shorter course than usual so that we could process the final results in a timely manor. Thanks to Bobbie and Chris for this. Bobbie has been fantastic in making the league such a success, I couldn't organise it all without her and Chris who we rope in to everything. They have a solution to everything.

So the new route 2 miles for the ladies and 4 for then men. Based loosely around the park run. We ran an inner loop through the rough ground winding around all the beautiful trees and then to a big loop which was roughly the big loop of the park run until you got to the woody area. We then lead you around the perimeter of the park through the woodland area and popped out back at the start of the first inner loop. It had a bit of everything (except a ditch). 

Thank you all for your support throughout the season and I hope we will see you next season for some more muddy fun.

Now I may drag on a bit. I would like to thank all the team captains for planning and organising the races through the season. A massive thanks again to Bobbie and Chris. For today's event I like to thank Wendy Smith, Lynda and Brian Moore, Katherine Trehayne, my mum, Julie London, Mimi Walters, Jeremy and his little boy and Charlie Wood for helping us make the last race possible and also to Nick and the other magic helper who collected all the arrows at the end. Oh and before I close thanks Fergus Anderson for all the fabulous photos this season. I'll set a photo box up for next season so we can link them all there for everyone.

March 4th - Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds - race 9

So here it starts to get interesting for those who have completed all the races as you can drop your slowest results as only the best 8 count towards the final results, for individuals. All rounds count for team results.

The daffodils are so close to being ready to bloom. The mud had dried in the wind since the Suffolk league on Sunday. What a fantastic setting. After all these years there seemed to be more inclines than I remembered. With a change to the normal route I was totally disorientated after a mile or so and was convinced the course would be longer, but no a welcome site was the the good old pitches and bomb hole in the woods. Two laps for the men and one for the ladies. I loved the new route, thanks to the Pacers. Eloise I liked your deviation to "put the tapes back in place" ha ha. Bury St Edmunds must have the record on how many choices of dougnut you can buy.


February 25th - Bacton Woods - race 8

What another glorious day. Thanks to Bobbie, Chris, Wendy, Brian, Pete and mum for all of your help setting it all up and making it happen. I hope you enjoyed the course. We haven't used this venue for about 8 years. 

Its starts with a long straight then hangs to the right through the mountain bike course, before following trails, essentially along the perimeter of the woods. A mixture of terrain with the odd muddy bit and a few hills thrown in for good measure. It then loops back with a nice down hill along side the car park before a splash in the mud and heading up the hill. It twists around before coming back to meet the first lap where the lovely Brian directed us either back to the start with one lap for the ladies. The men went back round for two laps. From Brian its a mad dash back to the finish for a nice cuppa and a biscuit.

My highlight was being Rodney popping out of the bushes to finish as he realised he had missed the final right turn to the finish. Well done everyone. See you next week

February 11th - Orwell Park - race 7

What a beautiful setting. Thanks to Lisa and the Wattisham guys and girls. We ran the course we had two years ago backwards. Down the steep hill winding our way down to the river bank over varied terrain with bridges and mud. Then along the river bank heading slightly in land along farm trails under the Orwell bridge. Very majestic. Then my favourite section along the beach beside the river. We then headed up the hill to the start.Then started again for short loop and back to the finish for the ladies. Then then men should have repeated it all again. So long loop, short loop for ladies then another long loop and short loop for the men.

It did go a little wrong though and the majority of the men ended up doing two big loops followed by one small loop at the end. Hopefully everyone was happy. This is a beautiful route, one of the best in the series. It takes a great deal of time and patience to set up and organise. Hopefully you can all appreciate this and that it is all voluntary and keeps us fit and healthy in the winter months. Its easy to put right the small issues now we know what they are. Hopefully everyone can appreciate the efforts by everyone.Thanks Wattisham it was a fantastic afternoon and a beautiful route.

January 21st - Shouldham Warren - race 6

It was a cold grey day but the course soon took your mind of that. Thanks to Adam and the RAF Marham guys and girls and for a different route. Nice fast start and after the first right hander we swung left to go along the river. We haven't run down here for several years. Then we wound round woodland and heathland in the Warren. Some nice little hills to keep it interesting too with a fast finish for the ladies. The men had the luxury of another lap. After all the hard work the doughnuts were a welcome end to the run. Thanks everybody.

See you in three weeks at Orwell Park, being hosted by the team from Wattisham.  

January 14th - UEA - race 5

On the first race of 2015 we had a bright cold day. Thanks to Jack and the UEA guys and girls for organising this race. A great mixed bag. Starting on the side on the pitches to a fast start, spreading the field. Heading up the hill and along the track beside Bluebell Road before dropping down the hill to the metal bridge. Once across the bridge the rounded the lake keeping it on our right. Through the gate and up the hill before coming back into the grounds, down the hill seeing the lake again. Through the woods and into Earlham Park. Then the fun bit beside the river in the slippery mud. For the ladies it was then a mad dash to the finish. The men crossed the bridge back beside the river for a shorter 2nd lap. Fabulous, well done to the UEA.


December 10th - Whitwell Station - race 4

A beautiful day again for our annual trip to Whitwell and the Reepham Runners. With a fast start out along Marriotts Way and a lovely run along country paths and meadowland. Just as you thought you'd got away with getting wet a lovely little stream crossing before heading back to the station and a rooty lane. Two laps for the ladies and three for the men. Fantastic and as usual a great venue with plenty of drinks and food choices at the end, for the brave even a pint. Thanks Reepham Runners

November 26th - Whitlingham Country Park - race 3

Thank you to Tri-Anglia for race 3, especially Mark Philo for his usual organisation of a great event and a special thanks to the marshals who were mainly autistic spectrum students from City College. They were very attentive and supportive on such a grey day, lets hope they enjoyed it as much as we did and can come to another local event.

2 laps for the ladies and 3 for the men. To give us a taster of what was to come we had the delights of starting in a waterlogged field, very apt. It was a grey dreary day and I should think when the results come through it was the biggest field of participants in some time. Well done everyone.

Starting in the grassy, undulating, mole hole filled field we charged off and then meandered into the woodland paths before the tough steps to climb up to the highest part of the course before a steep downhill into the playground and across the car park. We crossed the road onto the path before running alongside the lake. Crossing the road to start the next lap along the field. A fast course with the exception of the hard woodland climb.

All finished off with a Jaffa Cake what more could you ask on a drizzly, grey, November day?

See you all in two weeks at Whitwell Station, on December 10th. Hosted by Reepham Runners. Bring some dry shoes and clothes to this one its normally wet and muddy. Can't beat a bit of mud. Lovely

Race 3 results queries
Bobbie has not gone as far as doing the team and individual points yet because there are a few errors here.
Would you mind looking at these, Wattisham especially for any corrections.
Wattisham results sheet was a bit of a problematic. It had the same names on both the mens and ladies lists and most people were corporal etc etc. Some of the men finished suspiciously high up the list which makes us think they might have been ladies. We also have two missing numbers 49 and 53. The tags aren't in the box and the numbers aren't written down on any results sheet. If we don't hear of any corrections I will do the individuals and teams on the results with the next race results and highlight any potential errors

November 5th - Caldeocott Hall Race 2

Thanks to Andy Baker and the GYRR for hosting race 2. The rains gods were on our side with heavy rain to and from the event just to top the puddles up. It was a tough route, a bit shorter than usual due to the devastation of the woodland but this meant it was a bit tougher as we had a bit more hill as the girls did 2 laps and the men three. A great mixture of terrain.

A great introduction to a nice muddy season. Great turnout again. Thanks everyone.

See you in three weeks at Whitlingham Country Park on November 26th. Hosted by Tri-Anglia.

October 22nd - Honington Race 1 at Knettishall Heath

A new season begins on such a beautiful day at a new location. Team Honington hosted their race at Knettishall Heath, thanks Ritchie and the team. We had a fabulous turnout with 125 finishers. Thanks to everyone long may it continue. Suffolk Wildlife kindly gave us permission, and in return we kindly supported them with a donation.  One last thanks to Mark Philo who hosted the dedication of our first race to Daryl Davis. Daryl competed in the league for Tri-Anglia and sadly died at this years Round Norfolk Relay. This was marked with a celebratory round of applause and Daryl's wife Kerry competing too.

The route was a great mixture of healthland, woodland and meadows with a bit of mud a few rooty areas and three kissing gates to break your stride which made to the fun. 2 laps for the ladies and 3 for the men. 

See you in two weeks at Caldecot Hall

2013/14 EACCL Season

March 5th - RAF Barnham - Race 9 and presentation

What a beautiful day and a lovely course. Thanks Ritchie and Steve for organising this. A great turn out for the last race too. Nice to see so many people stay for the presentation afterwards too. Hope you enjoyed the season, the presentation and buffet. Here is looking forward to next season. 

Thanks Bobbie for all of your hard work with the results and helping me with the league.

February 11th - Bury Pacers - Nowton Park - Race 8

A massive thank you to Eloise and her merry band of marshals today, on such a beautiful warm day with clear blue skies......I wish. It was a horrible day but it made for a great race in the wind, rain and mud. Yes glorious mud and lots of it. It absolutely poured down the whole race and blew a hooley, the woods were a welcome respite from the driving rain. A lovely fast course weaving around the park. Oh and did I mention lots of mud. 1 lap for the ladies and two for the men. Straight into the very impressive Pacers tent for a doughnut.....or two, you know who you are ha ha

Two more rounds to go, so the results should now start to get interesting as those who have completed all the races start to loose their worst results

See you in two weeks at Easton College.

February 5th - Wattisham Station - Orwell Park - Race 7

Thank you to Ben and Lee for hosting this race. Very well marked and marshalled, thanks to the marshals too, they must have been cold. No beach section this year due to nesting birds, but who noticed. A truly tough cross country, mud, logs, hills, steps, what more could you ask? Them damn hills are tough and having to do them twice for the ladies and three times for the men put us right through our paces. That coupled with the wind and rain along the shore should lead to a good nights sleep tonight. Well done to all who turned out. Another great turnout.

January  22nd - RAF Marham, Shouldham Warren - Race 6

A lovely start to the race with the Wing Commander Andy Gilbert setting the scene and summarising the origins of the league and its present status and results. That was greatly appreciated, thank you. 

The sun had broken through from a miserable old Norwich area and it was a warm beautiful afternoon with a fabulous turnout again. The terrain was a mixture of woodland and heathland, mostly fast surfaces with some rooty areas and plently of gentle ups and downs in a clover leafy shaped route. Thanks to Adam and his Marshalls.

Results Below:

January 15th - UEA - Race 5

Very lucky with the weather yet again, especially after such a soggy morning. So that meant mud horrah. A nice course a little different to last year which was good. Around the pitches and along edge of woods down to the lake and back through the woods to Earlham park and along the river. The men got a extra muddy bit joining the two laps, before the fast grassy finish. Thanks Dennis and your marshal's.


a) There are two "unknowns". if anyone can fill these in I'd be grateful.

b) We have two items of lost property. One sock and one grey long sleeve T shirt. they've been washed. Please collect from Bobbie at Shouldham or let me have a postal address please?

c) Roger Manton has now joined Bury Pacers. He started the season as an individual. If no-one objects we will give his points from the earlier races to St Edmund Pacers too. This won't affect the top of the table.

December 11th - Whitwell Station - Runners Centre race 4

Yet another beautiful day and a new course. A very fast start along Marriotts Way. Then upsome steps into a lane and around a rough margin on the edge of a field, with a little incline for good measure. Through a leafy lane onto water meadows and as only Reepham could a good dose of ditches and a stream section taking you under a foot bridge. Last couple of sections through a rooty lane and the egde of a field before the finish for the ladies and a second lap for the men.

Thank you Reepham Runners for hosting, setting this up and marshalling. If you enjoyed it your can do the course another three times as a one off or as a series click here more more details. 

Results for race 4 to follow

December 4th - Whitlingham Country Park - Tri-Anglia race 3

We have been lucky so far with the weather another beautiful day but with a kick in the air. Thanks to Mark and the team for a tough race those steps drain the legs.

Around the picnic field avoiding the mole hills, through a thinner bark laidened pathway to the notorious steps, thats make you work extra hard. Across the top of the ridge and back down through the play area and carpark. Across the road to the lake. A beautiful lap of the lake avoiding the dogs and to the finish for the ladies, and around again for the map as the sunsets over the lake.

October 6th - Caldecott Hall - GYRR race 2

Another beautiful day. Thanks Great Yarmouth for your hard work making this happen out of the forest devastation. It made it a taxing but fun course. Great to see another big turnout of 120 plus runners.

By the side of the golf course around the edge of a muddy field and into what was the woods. No time to appreciate this year to busy watching your step and avoiding the devestation of the tree felliing. It made for an interesting course with plenty of obstacles with the slow drag back to the finish.

October 23rd - RAF Barnham Race 1 

A lovely run to start the season off with a great turn out. Here,s looking forward to the next race. Thank you Ritchie

The lovely soft surface of the heathland around the training area through a section where live testing was taking place. Into the tank training area up and down through the ruts. Yes I managed to throw myself over not concentrating, that woke me up. Hopefully that the only fall for the season. Back on to the heathland and through the rooty path in a woody area before the fast sandy track to the end of the lap.

Results attached. Mens points start at 150 this year as we had 98 men finishing which is a great start to the season. Please could you check your teams name spellings and age categories. Also-one unknown runner. She was a young girl dressed all in black running just in front of Bobbie, possibly from UEA, can anyone identify her? Please email Jude